Monday, July 04, 2011

when you have a problem..

1) Listen to confirm it was your problem.
if not let it go..if yes, listen carefully..

2) Think - Think - Think to brainstorm 
what should you do, or ask others for suggestion

3) Compare Pro & Cons of each action/solution you have. 
 you should take action with minimal impact to everyone 
at the same time optimum result for all of us.. 
here it come the priority level of what we want or need. 
and Dont forget for Plan B and C.

4) Take action & Tawakal to implement what you have came out in point 3.
and wait for a period..

5) Follow-up the action result 
to see either it is according to plan or not. 
if yes, well-done! if not, never-mind, you always have time for plan B.

6) get ready for anything to happen.
Get ready for a C.H.A.N.G.E !

Thank you for reading this :)

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