Thursday, February 10, 2011

letter to me (previous me in 2000)

hi there, its me..

what a long time i've been taken to write this letter. and with so many things to write here about what you have done in your time. so lets start it year by year..

in 2000 you and your besties has made a time capsule and it is buried in fya house, but then her house was caught in fire on 2002..? do you still remember of what have been written there? it is much more about your hope for me today..a future you..

you wish that  your 'future you' to have a matriculation so can beat the time to finish study in university earlier than Dip students..and did you see that i can't make it for you, so i blame our family for the broken relationship, the struggle i have and i keep myself away from your plan..

since that, i've made my own route to catch your 'future you'. 

after SPM 2002, i changed your plan to have my diploma with a-not-very-impressive-SPM-result in july 2003. what a shame for a good&clever student ended up with a dip level - a level you never wish before. 

fortunately i've grab the chances to have dip in flying colours on march i be able to have a 1st degree with a short period in 2009. by the way, your wish to have a good job before i get 25 is not happening. i'm sorry for that. instead i have my own plan..
i am now with my last semester of second degree,well it is not that easy being here. i've found many friends, new friends, bad friends and best friends, but i believe everything will be fine at the end of this year.

so, i will write a letter to for my future me about what i wish for after this..and i hope you keep praying for me (as your future you) to have a good life, good friends, good luck and everything in a good way..

thank you & sorry cause your plan won't works on me

love you dear,always



Lang Legar said...

regardless of what may and may not happen,i'm pretty sure that the 'past you' will be satisfied because in a sense, you did as much as you can to grab what you both wish for.

i hope the 'future you' will do as much the same. good luck.

dnasura said...


i'm not that perfect, and my life sometimes unpredictable, i only hope that i can make the right thing to myself and people around me, it is not because they asked me to, but because of i want to be..

for the worse that come into my life, i wish, it is not happening again to anybody..anybody

btw,thanks legar..