Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Google Sketch Self-paced Tutorial

previously, i've used adobe flash with swift3D to develop a 3D model in flash and then i try to use papervision3D to convert it into augmented reality model (augmented reality is where we need to combine real world with virtual world, in this case, my real world is the camera view in mobile phone and virtual world is the 3D model in augmented way). but then i have turn into some problem where i dont know how to integrate the 3D model in flash file type become augmented with manipulation.

thanks to my brother, amirul hakim who introduce me to google sketch. actually, im quite new to this sketchUp, but i need to have my own 3D model for circuit component which i have to embed into my mobile application.

so i googling around and found this, Self-Paced Tutorial for Google Sketch 

there are example of model that created using google sketch. those 3D model is free for download, and you may used it as reference for your project too. if you are about to design your own house so this is the great tool for you before proceed with blueprint.

again, thanks so much mr.Google :)

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