Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hari yang Ceria!!

Salam everybody!

syukur! still alive today..hehehe. by the way, i woke so early today. and manage to deposit his money this morning.then go market for some stuff, today i want to eat ikan cencaru and kangkung tumis, so i've prepared for it ;) yummy..

then i cm back lunch..then surfing..erm, help my sis to appy her PTPTN, check my inbox, and..check my carry mark for this semester. guess what? my terrible neardeath subject, OOP..I passed it! ( "______,") wheww...selamat!! so happy, at least no failed isnt it?? thanx my emmaMckay..hehe later i'll treat u k. (erk...?? am i?? we'll discuss this later :P) hehe..

my big project for this sem, bengkel 2, got B+, erm the rest not release yet. so wonder my result is better than before la. i wish i could pump up my cgpa a little bit..huhu

p/s: This coming tuesday, i will travel back to sabah after (nearly..) 3years not going back there. wonder what has happened back there.hehe..sure i'll surprise my self isn't? my click said, there such big change to beaufort you know, but i dont know what's that, wait for my photos then.

p/s/s: erm, besides, i actually not prepared my stuff for the flight. malas..aa~..huhuh nak balik? xnak balik? nak balik? xnak balik?? huhuh..erm, i wish i will have a great vacation over there with my mr. hehehe..(vacation? ) kot..? heee


+dat!n iLLiani ariFFin+ said...

kamu di tag!! singgah blog yani...

+dat!n iLLiani ariFFin+ said...

ade kad raye tuk kamu!!