Friday, November 07, 2008

~Exam Day2~ OOP

yesterday, i was seated exam on Object Oriented Programming subject. to be honest la kan, i love this course but then i hate the event handling esp part of control structures. really2 hate it. i'm good at GUI but not at logic programming. hohoho sound really bad upcoming for me. since in the hal yesterday i had only 30% of 2hours to complete my booklet because of the rest is really2 damn bad! huhu praying that i could have at least PASS grade for this course. until today i still felt really sad bout my OOP paper.

so, today. i get back to work. my part timer job. as a translator for research documentation or maybe suit to say as research assistant for the becoming prof(Norliah Kudus). huhu a lot of them to be translated. hopefully i could finished all them before i go back to sabah this end of november.

**my budget this month quit bad. overrun. wish i could get some money soon..huhuhu

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