Monday, September 15, 2008

Object Oriented Programming??

i'm so worried about tomorrow =|..worried i cant be that good enough to answer all the codes. hhuhu, OOP is just like killing me..huhu or maybe this is because im not very hard studied about it? am i? dont think so...but i just cant get along with it..dont know y~..

after few weeks learn about OOP( at almost erm..10weeks) b ut i still cant understand the concept for parsing, inheritance and such those stuffs. down at the moment..but i'm not going to drop this subject (well that's might be my very end decision)..huhu..still pretend i can cope with all these..

Miss emaliana kasmuri, i'm sorry i just cant go with the way you teach me, sorry to hurt u with this statement. but, that's it. i'm a very weak student in your class maybe, since 'im not core in software or dbase..huhu i think i need to have another extra class on this...if u can give that to me, thanx so much..but..i know that this only my imagination..i know u..i know who u are...huhu poor me =|.. wishing that all teacher, lecturers, prof of all over this world be a teachers that "Takes a Hand..Opens a Minds..Touches a Heart.."..huhu

by the way, thanx for the rest ilmu that u had given to me..OOP is like 50% cook at the rest is uncookable..i cant eat it..huhu..berserah je la esok mlm...cuakknye..... =( wish me luck guys...

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