Friday, September 19, 2008

23 person comes 1st!

Here i am again, on the 23rd years of my life, so much things happen with and without i' realized.. Thanx for keep holding me, keep accepting me as part of your life, even im just playing so little role in this life. Syukran to Allah s.w.t for giving me health, ability to carry on and to draw my future with hopes and dreams. thanx for my family, even we are separated so far, but love still tight us together in bounds..for friends, a wonderful relationship we had ever till now, for my special's one..big thanx from me..for taking care of me here..

wisher list in my hset during 16 sept:
1- Naimurraihan Musa@abd Kader (My Man) (Sorry salah eja nama hari tu..dah betulkan dah!)
2- Nur Afiqah Abd Majid (my mates in UTeM)
3- Asma Hamzah(My closed mates in KPM)
4- Ernah Indah Aman Shah( My Lovely dude in SMKB)
5- Pn. Hjh Zaitun@ Tay Boo Lan Abd Samad (WOnderful Mother i ever have)
6- Nurhidayani Abd Rani (My closed mates in KPM)
7- Feazuare Zainal @ Tunjol (My lovely dude in SMKB)
8- Azizatil Anum Omar (My mates in UTeM)
9- Awg Zaidun Awg Taip (My Caring Bro..hihi)
10- Awg Hamidun Awg Taip (My Hot bro..hahahahaha hot la sgt along ni!)
11- Norfarhana Saad (My closed mates in KPM)
12- Suriawati Sadi (My lovely dude in SMKB)
13- Awg Taip Pg Abbas wif her new wife (My far away daddy..hurm..missing him so much!!)
14- Dyg Masraudha (My sweet sister..)
15- Nurul Akma, CT Salbiah, Shania, Najua Syuhada, NorFazana, Alina...(My sweet click UTeM)
16- Dyg Noorasura(My self..)
17- and so many FS list and much tnax for wishing me on my day. TQ so much.

"andai aku tersungkur, bangunkan aku dengan nasihat mu... aku tidak mahu kau sama2 jatuh dan tersungkur..."

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cik FM said...

eh, saya ke yg number 2 tuh?
*pejam-celik-pejam-gosok mata